SpaceX to Mars

This is amazing news from SpaceX. They plan to send the new Dragon capsule to Mars and land it on the surface within two years!!
A couple of years ago I would have said this guy was off his chump. If it was anyone but Elon Musk saying it, I still would. But he guy has a serious record for doing what he says he will in the area of space innovation. His was the first (and still only) commercial vehicle to be allowed to dock with the International Space Station to deliver supplies. His company is the first to re-land the main stage of a rocket after launching something to orbit, so that it can be reused (and therefore make space launches cheaper).

SpaceX eventually want to use the Dragon 2 as part of a vehicle to take humans to Mars

I don’t doubt he can do this. He’s been working on the new, big, booster for a while, along with the new, larger, man rated dragon capsule. Two years might be tight for finishing them, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did it in four. I might be more surprised if he didn’t.Now don’t get me wrong, sending an unmanned capsule to land on Mars is a long, long way from sending people, let alone bringing them back. But in people’s psyche it will seem like a huge milestone towards it, actually the first time we could say we were progressing towards a human to Mars mission since the end of Apollo.

Go Elon!!

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